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Turvaveitsi MARTOR CUT-O-MATIC 438

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All highlights at a glance.

Particularly robust

Something you will automatically recognize with the SECUPRO CUT-O-MATIC is that it's been designed to meet the highest demands. With its solidly built handle, and protective metal bracket, expect your cutting material to show this cutter respect.

Easy blade change

Blade change is so easy it won't bring you out of stride. Remove the screw at the front of the handle and swing back the protective bracket. Carefully take out the hook and replace it with a new one.

Firm grip

Even if you are wearing gloves, there is no slipping and wobbling involved with the SECUPRO CUT-O-MATIC. Its cleverly shaped, large handle fits perfectly in the hand. The protective cap which swings upwards when you cut has the secondary purpose of providing extra stability whilst cutting.

The right cut

You only cut where the hook bites. Your goods are thereby protected. The protective metal bracket automatically falls down into place the moment you slip. This is not only good for you goods, but good for you!

For right and left handers

Whether you are cutting, tearing or slabbing, the SECUPRO CUT-O-MATIC doesn't discriminate between right and left handers. So go ahead and be brave.

Order number 438.02
Packaging unit 1 in single unit box
Measurements (L x W x H) 213 x 30 x 79 mm
Weight product 230.5 g
Cutting depth 27.4 mm
Basic material Glass fibre reinforced plastic
Replacement blade
Packaging unit
1 in pouch
GS-Certificate 602941-6139-55094-2017 C
Article No438
MaterialGlass fibre reinforced plastic
Blade changeYES
Stainless steelNO
Food safeNO
Order number438.00
Measurements213x30x79 mm
Weight product231 g
Cutting depth27.4 mm
Replacement bladeBlade No 753
Packaging unit1 in single unit box (10 knives in multipack)
GS-Certificate602941-6139-55094-2017 C