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Turvasakset MARTOR SECUMAX 564

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All highlights at a glance.

Sharp, but not dangerous

Take a good look at the cuts. Noticed anything? None of them have been cut at an angle, as all of the cuts are at right-angles. Therefore you cannot cut yourself, only the large range of potential materials.

Non-rusting stainless steel

You will be able to use your scissors for a very long time as the metal parts are made from non-rusting stainless steel. The handles have been coated in a plastic reinforced with fibreglass. Another guarantee for a long service life.

Comfortable working

The experts call them “eyes” and these are the two openings in which you insert your fingers to securely hold the scissors. The “soft-grip” on the insides also helps to ensure comfortable and non-slip working.

Extra-long cutting edges

Fast and controlled – you will cut through easily using the SECUMAX 564 Fast, thanks to the long cutting edges. Controlled, as the entire length from the finger opening to the tip can be used as a support surface.

Sturdy connection

A matter of course for quality scissors: Both of the cutting edges are held together by a real screw. This ensures sturdy connection and permanent high cutting power.