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Turvaveitsi MARTOR SECUPRO 625

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Tukeva ja ergonominen turvaveitsi alumiinista. Terä latautuu sisään kun veitsi nostetaan leikattavasta pinnasta vaikkakin kahvaa puristetaan. Leikkyysyyvyys jopa 21 mm. Helppo ja turvallinen käyttää. Terän vaihto ei vaadi työkaluja. Veitseen asennettavissa eri terävaihtoehtoja, uutuutena mm lyhyt pyöreäkulmainen terä 60095 jonka ansiosta työturvallisuus paranee entisestään.

All highlights at a glance.

Excellent ergonomics

We have rarely produced a cutting tool before that fits so perfectly into the heavy users hand as the SECUPRO 625. The long and smooth lever, the round shape of the handle and the soft-grip at the back of the knife – it’s more than worth testing it!

Robust and balanced

You can see and feel that the handle is made of high-quality aluminium. Its robust construction goes hand in hand with an optimal weight distribution. Consequently, there’s almost no risk of weakening for tool and user. Not even when cutting very heavily.

Large cutting depth

The long blade extension is ideal for cutting up to 3-ply cardboard boxes, rubber, material on reels and many more applications. The blade can be changed in a few steps – by operating the blade change button and pressing the lever, it can be easily pulled out.

For many cutting types

The overall package of the SECUPRO 625 is quite unique – and so are all separate features. Even saw cutting is safe – thanks to the protecting blade retraction. And you can enlarge the number of different application areas by simply installing one of the optional blades.

Safe along the line

While you rely on the blade retraction at the front part of the handle, there’s another safety feature built in for even more protection. You can lock the lever and thus avoid that the blade is released unintentionally.

Article No625001
MaterialPlastics / Aluminium
Blade changeYES
Stainless steelYES
Food safeNO
Order number625001.02
Weight product151 g
Cutting depth21 mm
Replacement blade60099 see option in webstore
Packaging unit1 in single unit box
GS-Certificate602091-5862-55094-2015/2 C