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All highlights at a glance.

Automatic blade retraction – a high degree of safety

The automatic blade retraction of the SECUNORM HANDYCUT guarantees a very high degree of safety from cut injuries. As soon as you’ve started the cut remove your thumb from the slider. The blade will then withdraw back into the handle immediately after leaving the material being cut.

4-cutting edge blade

Why do you benefit more from your blade? Because it has four sharp cutting edges. By turning and turning it over, you quadruple the usage time - and always cut again like new.

Slider on both sides

With the right hand? With the left hand? It’s all the same here. Because we have fitted the SECUNORM HANDYCUT with a slider that is accessible from both sides. So, anyone can really work with it!

Handy format

The SECUNORM HANDYCUT fits into every pocket. In case you don’t need it at a specific time. You will enjoy its light weight and handiness when cutting. And the good grasp on the corrugated slider.

Without tools

Changing blades is so easy. You do not need a tool. Pull the plastic insert out of the handle at the back, turn or change the blade, put everything back and there you have it!

Available printing areas

Room for your ideas: The blue marked surface is the area which you can use for your communication (values in mm).

Front side
Back side

Production details

Article No446
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelNo
Food safeNo
Order number446.02
Measurements100x9.5x28 mm
Weight product21.7 g
Cutting depth8.5 mm
Replacement bladeIndustrial blade no 45
Packaging unit1 in single unit box (20 knives in multipack)
GS-CertificateS 60077225