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Fully covered blade protection – a very high degree of safety

The SECUPRO LEWIS safety technology guarantees you a very high degree of safety from cut injuries, because the blade is covered by the blade protection cap immediately after leaving the cutting material. Even if you operate the slider further.

All highlights at a glance.

Easy blade change

You can take out the blade carrier with the blade changer at the bottom of the handle. And the used blade is ready to change or turn.

Two cutting depths

5.5 mm or 16 mm? You can be flexible when deciding on the cutting depth with SECUPRO LEWIS. Depending on whether you move the slider right to the front or right to the back.

Spare blade in the handle

You do not want to look long for a spare blade? You don't have to. It's in the handle of this cutting tool. Here too, access is through the practical blade changer.

Can be held comfortably.

When you have a lot to do, any convenience is welcome. That's why SECUPRO LEWIS is also ergonomically shaped. You can cut without your arm and hand getting tired.

2-cutting edge blades

Before you have to change the quality blade, you can turn it once. That doubles the usage time of the blade, and reduces the energy you consume. Because your product cuts like new again.

Order number 710000.02
Packaging unit 1 in single unit box
(5 knives in multipack)
Measurements (L x W x H) 170 x 24.2 x 40 mm
Weight product 95 g
Cutting depth 13.3 mm
Basic material Plastic
Replacement blade
Packaging unit
10 in magazine
GS-Certificate S 60108553