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Secunorm Profi25 MDP

SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP on elintarviketeollisuudelle kehitetty metallinpaljastimella havaittava pieni mutta tukeva turvaveitsi alumiinista jonka terä latautuu aina sisään kun tätä ei käytetä. 25 mm leikkuusyvyyden ansiosta veitsellä leikkaantuu paksummatkin materiaalit. Terä on laadukas ja paksu 0,63 mm. Terän vaihto ei vaadi työkaluja. Toimitetaan ruostumattomalla terällä.

Automatic blade retraction – a high degree of safety

The automatic blade retraction of the PROFI25 guarantees a high degree of safety from cut injuries. As soon as you have started to cut, take your thumb off the slider. Then the blade will retract into the handle immediately after leaving the material being cut.

Professional in every respect.

Our SECUNORM PROFI25 is aptly named. "PROFI" because this cutter really does behave professionally. Whatever the situation, whatever the cutting material. And the "25" is in reference to its impressive blade extension of 25 mm, with which even 3-ply cardboard can be conquered. And just like all other members of the PROFI family, SECUNORM PROFI25 features automatic blade retraction.

All highlights at a glance.

Can be metal detected

While working, a cutting tool - or parts of it - can sometimes get lost. But only for a short while. Because the plastic, that can be detected by a metal detector ensures that you find it again fast.

No paint.

You would like to avoid risks in your job, wherever possible? That's understandable. An unpainted handle minimises the risk of contamination of the production process.

Robust handle

The plastic insert of the SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP is in an aluminium handle. With its robust design, it is predestined for high cutting frequencies and a long life.

2-cutting edge blades

Before you have to change the quality blade, you can turn it around once. This doubles the usage time of the blade - and reduces the energy you use up. Because your product cuts like new again.

Article No120700
Size143 x 17 x 31 mm
Weight85 g
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelYes
Food safeYes
Order number120700.02
Cutting depth25 mm
Packaging unit1 in single unit box / 10 pieces in multipack
GS-CertificatePK 60119297 0001