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Turvaveitsi Martor Secupro Maxisafe No. 101860

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Secupro Maxisafe No. 101860

16mm syvyyteen leikkaava, helppokäyttöinen turvaveitsi. Terä on vaihdettavissa ja saatavilla on monia eri vaihtoehtoja.

All highlights at a glance.

3-sided slider

With the right hand? With the left hand? From the top? Regardless of how you wish to activate the blade, SECUPRO MAXISAFE is totally flexible. Its 3-side slider provides comfortable, variable handling.

At the press of a button

Your two hands alone are enough to change the blade. And these short instructions: press the blade change button and swing open the handle. Push the blade carrier to the front and you can change the blade. It’s that easy.

No abrasion

SECUPRO MAXISAFE is not afraid of a little friction. A metal abrasion protection shield, found on the underside of the knife head, works to prevent any general wear and tear as you cut your path through the day.

Double-edged blade

Don't change your blade the moment the tip turns blunt. Double the usage time of your blades and minimize wastage by always remembering to flip them over. Don't forget: there are two sides to every blade!

Small eyelet

No one likes to lose his tools. Especially not tools like the SECUPRO MAXISAFE. That’s what the eyelet is for; to safely transport and/or tether your cutter.

Article No101860
Size148 x 20 x 44mm
MaterialGlass fibre reinforced plastic
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelYes
Food safeNo
Order number101860.02
Cutting depth16mm
Packaging unit1 in single unit box
GS-CertificateS 60077225