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Turvaveitsi Martor Secupro Prosafe No. 01152

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Martor Secupro Prosafe No. 01152

Kestävästä alumiinista valmistettu helppokäyttöinen turvaveitsi. Terä aktivoituu ranteen heilautuksella ja vetäytyy automaattisesti sisälle kun se on ylittänyt leikatun materiaalin reunan.

All highlights at a glance.

Robust handle

For the most part, SECUPRO PROSAFE consists of aluminium, and is therefore very robust. You can use this cutting tool for all standard cutting applications, and also for cuts requiring the application of extra force.

Easy blade change

You require no tools to change the blade. Simply these short instructions: press the ribbed surface of the blade cover downwards and then slide forwards. Removing the blade cover exposes the blade, leaving to free to either flip or change. Job done!

Double-sided blade

Before you need to change the quality blade, you have the chance to turn it over once. Usage time of the blade is doubled and fatigue is held at bay: with a simple flip of the blade, your SECUPRO PROSAFE will cut like new again.

Right and left

The blade of the SECUPRO PROSAFE is activated by a flicking movement of the wrist. There is no slider and therefore it really doesn't matter whether you are left or right handed.

Wide blade slot

The blade retracts into the housing with the same flicking movement required for activation. You can be confident of the blade reliably disappearing, thanks to the wideness of the blade opening. Cutting material will not build-up and hinder blade retraction.

Article No01152
Size158 x 20 x 39.7 mm
Weight152.0 g
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelYes
Food safeNo
Order number01152.02
Cutting depth16,5 mm
Packaging unit1 in single unit box
GS-CertificateS 60108554