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Turvaveitsi SECUBASE 383

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SECUBASE 383 with styropor blade 79

Kaipaatko turvallista veistä jolla leikkaantuu vaivattomasti paksummatkin materiaalit? Uudessa Secubase 383 - veitsessä terä lautautuu automaattisesti sisään mutta tätä pystyy myös lukitsemaan 7 eri syvyyksiin. Jotkut leikkuutehtävät, kuten sahaamiset, on helpompi suorittaa jos terä saadaan lukittua.

Terää on helposti vaihdettavissa. Terä ei ole katkoterä jolloin teränpalaisia ei joudu ei-haluttuihin paikkoihin. Veistä on mahdollista tilata myös lyhyemmällä terällä, ruostumattomasta teräksestä ja sahalaitasella terällä. Katso verkkokaupan eri mallit.

How to cut is up to you.

A safety knife that also performs as a cutter? The new SECUBASE 383 can be both. Your cutting tool is equipped with automatic blade retraction to prevent cutting injuries. Some cutting tasks, such as saw cuts, however, are easier with a fixed blade. The blade can therefore be locked in seven different positions to enable efficient working.

All highlights at a glance.

Long blade extension

"Long" is actually an understatement: the blade can extend to a maximum of 7.8 cm. The SECUBASE 383 can then be used for the safe and easy cutting of materials such as 4-ply cardboard boxes, bagged goods, paper rolls, building foam and polystyrene sheets.

Locking and retraction

A choice of seven settings (cutting depths from 7 mm to 73 mm) is available when you want to use your SECUBASE 383 as a cutter. Afterwards, release the lock and the blade will retract as usual.

Ergonomic handle

The SECUBASE 383 has a consistent ergonomic design to protect your hand. The slightly tapered handle is very comfortable to hold. Another ergonomic feature is the slider, which is particularly easy to move because of its built-in ramp.

For right and left hander

The SECUBASE 383 is supplied ready for use by right-handers. Left handers just need to turn the blade by 180° to start cutting. The slider and the lock are operated with the thumb.

Easy blade change

To access the long, flexible blade, use the blue blade change button at the end of the handle. You can now pull out the inner section including the slider. The blade is held in position by two magnets.

Article No383001
Size170.5 x 25 x 34 mm
Weight78,5 g
MaterialGlass fibre reinforced plastic
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelYes see webshop
Food safeNo
Order number383001.02
Cutting depth73 mm
Packaging unit1 in single unit box (10 knives in multipack)
GS-Certificate MARTOR SECUBASE 383 IGR Certificate 120622 GB