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Turvaleikkuri SECUMAX 150 MDP

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Tukeva ja ergonominen turvaleikkuri, joka on suunnattu elintarviketeollisuudelle. Havaittavissa metallinpaljastimella. Ruostumaton terä, joka ei ole vaihdettavissa.

MARTOR SECUMAX 150 MDP 150007 Brochure GB

All highlights at a glance.

Metal detectable

You are on the safe side when using the SECUMAX 150 MDP in areas requiring caution. The detectors are effective in the event that the disposable tool – or parts of it – unintentionally enter the production process.

Stainless steel blade

Stainless steel blades are standard in the SECUMAX 150 MDP – optimal for regular use under demanding conditions and for cleaning with water.

3-in-1 blade head

The SECUMAX 150 MDP fits like a glove. It's so comfortable to hold, that it feels like an extension of your hand. With it you can cut cardboard, split tape, open plastic strapping… you can even scrape residue off surfaces.

Concealed blade

This safety knife doesn't need a sharp tip to be a smart knife. The blade is securely concealed so that it presents no risk to you or your goods when opening packages.

Ergonomically shaped

Right handed? Left handed? It’s really all the same. Because the SECUMAX 150 MDP perfectly fits any hand – even in gloves. The large handle surface feels particularly pleasant as a secure place for the thumb, fingers and hand.

Safety technology

Concealed blade – a maximum degree of safety

The SECUMAX 150 MDP blade is not an open one, but is hidden from people and goods. This provides you with a maximum degree of safety from cut injuries and from damage to goods.

Article No150007
Size148 x 11 x 37.2 mm
Weight31.2 g
MaterialMetal detectable plastic
Blade changeNo
Stainless steelYes
Food safeYes
Order number150007.12
Cutting depth6,2 mm
Packaging unit10 in box (loose)