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Fully automatic blade retraction – a very high degree of safety

The fully automatic blade retraction of the SECUPRO MARTEGO guarantees a very high degree of safety from cut injuries. The blade withdraws into the handle immediately after leaving the material being cut. Even when the lever is still being squeezed.

Safety Knife Martor Martego

All highlights at a glance

Perfect handling

The advantages of the SECUPRO MARTEGO lie in your hands. The curved and lockable housing, the soft-grip for better handling, the “pre-set” cutting edge; these three factors guarantee an ergonomic experience.

4-edged blade

The Solingen quality blade, with its four sharp edges, can be rotated multiple times. It's worth it! In the meantime, a relatively small cutting depth protects your goods from unnecessary damage.

Change safely

When you need to change the blade, you can do so without any additional tools. Here, the “pull” of the SECUPRO MARTEGO is revealed: the integrated magnet ensures that the blade cannot fall out.

Everything under control

It's all about aluminium. The powder-coated metal body does not only contribute to the SECUPRO MARTEGO’s extraordinary design. It credits the cutter with extreme robustness and durability.

Blade lock for extra protection

Your SECUPRO MARTEGO accompanies you on your job at every cut and turn? Glad to hear it. But always press the blue activator when you’ve finished cutting! This way the blade cannot make a surprise appearance.

Available printing areas

Room for your ideas: The blue marked surface is the area which you can use for your communication (values in mm).

Front side
Back side
Order number 122001.02
Packaging unit 1 in single unit box
(10 knives in multipack)
Measurements (L x W x H) 155 x 18 x 48.5 mm
Weight product 105 g
Cutting depth 9 mm
Basic material Aluminium
Replacement blade
Packaging unit
10 in safety dispenser
GS-Certificate S 60077225