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Turvaveitsi MARTOR SECUNORM 380

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Turvaveitsi MARTOR SECUNORM 380

Suosittu turvaveitsi 8 cm pitkällä terällä. Terä lautautuu automaattisesti sisään kun veistä ei käytetä. Terää on helposti vaihdettavissa. Terä ei ole katkoterä jolloin teränpalaisia ei joudu ei-haluttuihin paikkoihin. Veistä on mahdollista tilata myös lyhyemmällä terällä (4 cm ) ja ruostumattomasta teräksestä. Katso verkkokaupan eri mallit.

All highlights at a glance.

Long blade extension

With a blade extension of exactly 7.8 cm, the word "long" is somewhat an understatement. This cutter can be used to safely cut 4-ply cardboard, open sacks, separate paper sheets, slab rolls, carve building foam, slice polystyrene slabs…the list continues.

Tool-less blade change

To change the blade, simply follow the arrow. Pressing down on the small blade change activator releases the capping end of the cutter, allowing it to swing downwards, and ultimately allowing you to remove the blade carrier and the blade.

Ergonomic handle

It goes without saying, the more ergonomic the handle, the easier it is to cut. The SECUNORM 380 with its curved shape, carefully positioned soft-grip and ribbed slider, is an ergonomic dream.

Particularly robust

The core of this cutter is a particularly stable and abrasion resistant metal rail. The body of the cutter is made from a high grade plastic, capable of fulfilling high expectations.

For right and left handers

Right and left handed users alike can be charmed by the new SECUNORM 380. Turn the stainless blade 180° according to your preference and to suit your needs. The eyelet at the end of the cutter is also great for whenever you want to attach your SECUNORM 380.

Automatic blade retraction – a high degree of safety

The automatic blade retraction of the SECUNORM 380 ensures a high degree of safety from cut injuries. As soon as you have started cutting, take your thumbs off the slider. The blade will immediately retract into the handle the moment it loses contact with the material being cut.

Available printing areas

Room for your ideas: The blue marked surface is the area which you can use for your communication (values in mm).

Back side

Article No380001
Size170.5 x 20 x 34 mm
Weight78 g
MaterialGlasreinforced plastics
BladeSee webshop
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelYes
ColorBlue / silver
Food safeNo
Order number380001.02
Cutting depth73 mm
Replacement bladeSTYROPOR BLADE NO. 179 10 in safety dispenser
Packaging unit1 in single unit box / 10 pieces in multipack
GS-CertificateS 60095195