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Turvaveitsi Martor Secupro Megasafe No 116006

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Martor Secupro Megasafe

Pieni, mutta tukeva turvaveitsi. Terä on vaihdettavissa. Leikkuusyvyys jopa 17 mm. Saatavilla monta eri terävaihtoehtoa. Kysy lisää!

Quality that's visible. With rounded-tip trapezoid blade.

You would like a safety knife with a large blade extension? Or are you looking for a worthy replacement for either OPTISAFE or MAXISAFE? In both cases, the SECUPRO MEGASAFE is your top choice. Thanks to a cutting depth of up to 17 mm, this cutter doesn't shy away from a challenge. And no matter your task, safety is always guaranteed; the fully automatic blade retraction functions even when you decide to not fully extend the blade.

All highlights at a glance.

Robust handle

The body of our top quality SECUPRO MEGASAFE is 100% aluminium. And ultimately, 100% robust. You can master all manner of standard cutting materials with this cutter. Even multi-layered ones.

Change without opening

Blade change is easy and safe. Simply push down on the back end of the rocker device located on the topside of the cutter, and push the slider completely forward. The blade is ready for changing.

Perfect handling

The lightly rounded handle fits particularly well in your hand. Your thumb doesn't get a raw deal either: soft grip on the the slider makes for a pleasant, slip-resistant resting pad.

Double-sided slider

With the right hand? With the left hand? No need to ask this question! The SECUPRO MEGASAFE is fitted with a slider that's accessible from both sides. Choose for yourself!

Double-edged blade

Before you need to change the quality blade, you have the chance to turn it over once. Usage time of the blade is doubled and fatigue is held at bay: with a simple flip of the blade, your SECUPRO MEGASAFE will cut like new.

Article No116006
Weight142 g
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelYes
Food safeNo
Order number116006.02
Cutting depth17 mm
Packaging unit1 in single unit box
GS-CertificateS 60112078