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Elintarvikehyväksytty ja metallinpaljastimella havaittavissa oleva turvavyöleikkuri ruostumattomalla terällä.

All highlights at a glance.

Can be metal detected

A cutting tool, or parts of it, can get lost while working. But only for a short while. Thanks to its ability to be detected by a metal detector you can find it again, before it leaves the company with your goods.

It's all protected

The quality blade is safely embedded between the nose and the handle. So it only cuts what you really want to cut. And there is no risk to your goods while doing so.

No blade change

The SECUMAX POLYCUT MDP is a disposable cutter. Since you do not have to change the blade, neither you nor your staff can come into contact with it. An additional benefit as far as safety is concerned.

Long, pointed nose

Why the extra long and pointed nose in the SECUMAX POLYCUT MDP? Because you can place it particularly well in the spaces in between. The cutting material is also led to the blade in a much more reliable way.


Article No85007
Size75.5 x 3 x 45 mm
Weight9.8 g
MaterialMetal detectable plastic
Blade changeNo
Stainless steelYes
ColorDark blue
Food safeYes
Order number85007.08
Cutting depth3 mm
Packaging unitloose ( 50 pcs in multipack)
GS-CertificatePK 60119297 0001