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UUSI! Turvaveitsi SECUNORM MIZAR keraamisella terällä

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Peukku pystyyn erittäin korkealle turvallisuudelle. Kun käyttäjä nostaa peukalon liukusäätimeltä, terä palautuu runkoon heti kun se ei enää ole kosketuksessa leikkuumateriaalin kanssa. Keraamisen terän ansiosta turvallisuus paranee entisestään.

More leverage, more performance. With ceramic blade.

The slimline SECUNORM MIZAR is your gateway into our world of quality squeeze-grip knives. Instead of a slider, a lever is responsible for releasing the blade, and instead of a steel blade, it has a permanently sharp ceramic blade. It is particularly versatile and efficient and can be used for all common cutting materials and for a wide variety of cutting types – thanks to its perfect handling.

All highlights at a glance.

Ergonomically shaped

Right-handed? Left-handed? It makes no difference with the SECUNORM MIZAR. Its ergonomically designed, lockable squeeze grip comfortably fits all hands. Making cutting super easy. Regardless of the number of cuts you make per day.

Plastic with a content

A glass fibre content, to be precise. These fibres are what make the SECUNORM MIZAR super strong and super solid. The durability of this safety knife is remarkable.

Easy blade change

No tools are needed to change the blade. Two hands can do the job. Move the 3-in-1 safety lock to position "blade change". Swing out the lever, flip the blade cover, replace the blade. Close the cover, store the lever, continue cutting!

Multipurpose locking function

The SECUNORM MIZAR 3-in-1 safety lock is unique. Slide it to lock and unlock your cutting tool. And when necessary, move it to position 3 to safely change or rotate the blade.

2-cutting edge blade

Before you need to change the quality blade, you have the chance to turn it over once. Usage time of the blade is doubled and fatigue is held at bay: with a simple flip of the blade, your product will cut like new.

Article NoSECUNORM MIZAR NO. 1250019
Size139 x 15.6 x 50.5 mm
Weight58 g
MaterialGlass fibre reinforced plastic
BladeCERAMIC BLADE NO. 65232C 2 on self-service card
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelSee options
Food safeNo
Order number1250019.17
Cutting depth13 mm
Replacement bladesee options
Packaging unit1 in single unit box (10 pieces in multipack)