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Vahva, kevlarnarulla ja kiipeilykoukulla varustettu laadukas työvälineiden kelauslaite. Jaksaa kelata jopa 170 g työvälineen sisään.

Toimitetaan 1 kpl / pakkaus.

And your cutting tool always stays with you.

The TOOL RETRACTOR protects your cutting tool from loss and from falling down. Its core is the heavy-duty Kevlar cord that can be extended up to 90 cm. As soon as you let go of your knife, it is returned to you via the flexible cord. Your hands are free for other activities – the knife always remains at hand. The carabiner is designed for your belt loop, the steel cord at the other end fits through the eyelet of your cutting tool.

All highlights at a glance.

Large carabiner

The TOOL RETRACTOR is ideal to hang on your belt loop. A simple flick of the wrist is all that is needed to hook it on. And when you want it somewhere else, that's quick and easy too.

Detachable end piece

To attach your MARTOR knife, remove the end piece. The steel cable loop is now much easier to open and close. Once the knife is attached, click the end piece back into place. Done!

Compatible with most knives

The steel cable loop is designed to fit almost all MARTOR knives with eyelets. To ensure instant retraction of the Kevlar cord, the knife should not weigh more than 170 g.

Highly resilient cord

The Kevlar cord is constantly in motion during cutting. That's why it can take a lot – forces of up to 355 N to be precise. The cord can be extended up to a length of 90 cm, giving you plenty of flexibility to perform your tasks.

Article No9960
Size 135 x 48 x 15 mm
ColorBlack / blue
Order number9960.06