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Skärverktyg för arbetsplatsen, hem och trädgård

Sharp, but not dangerous

Take a good look at the cuts. Noticed anything? None of them have been cut at an angle, as all of the cuts are at right-angles. Therefore you cannot cut yourself, only the large range of potential materials.

Non-rusting stainless steel

You will be able to use your scissors for a very long time as the metal parts are made from non-rusting stainless steel. The handles have been coated in a plastic reinforced with fibreglass. Another guarantee for a long service life.

Säkerhetssaxar MARTOR SECUMAX 564

The SECUMAX 564 is characterized by its thumb opening and its extra-long edge, which also makes an ideal support surface.
27.71 €
(22,35 € skatt 0%)

Knivhölster BELT HOLSTER L 9922.08

Håll kniven och knivbladen alltid behändigt inom räckhåll
20.42 €
(16,47 € skatt 0%)

Säkerhetssaxar MARTOR SECUMAX 565

Our all-purpose tool for professional cutting. Ideal for larger hands – or in case you wear gloves during work.
24.91 €
(20,09 € skatt 0%)

Säkerhetssaxar MARTOR SECUMAX 363

Our safety scissors for extra fine and targeted cuts. It is playfully easy to direct, using your thumb and forefinger only.
16.38 €
(13,21 € skatt 0%)