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The ResQMe Multi Tool

The ResQMe Tool is suitable, not only for firefighters and emergency responders to keep in their pockets, but also for anyone who would be able to use the tool in case of their own family emergency. The tool will also work underwater should the worst imaginable event happen.

The blade guard attaches to your keychain and protects against unintended use. When attached to your keychain the ResQMe stays firmly in place, yet detaches easily with a sharp tug when necessary. To use the seat belt cutter, hook over the seat belt and pull.


Product Description

The ResQMe is like a mini LifeHammer that fits on your key ring. The ResQMe is designed to break vehicle side windows and cut through jammed seat belts.

The ResQMe Tool is also a useful tool should you become tapped within your car during floods. The doors of your car may be impossible to open and electric windows can fail. By using this tool, which will work under water, you will be able to break your windows and escape your flooded car.

The window breaker is a spring-loaded metal spike. When pressed against a side window the spring releases and the metal tip shatters the glass allowing you and your family to escape. The spike is automatically reset after use and can be reused many times. (Approximately 12 lbs. of force is required to release the spike.)

The ResQMe was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Automotive Product of the year in 2004.


  • Hardened steel tip.
  • Protected blade to cut through seat belts.
  • Compact and lightweight, carry it with you anywhere
Article number00214
Weight20 g
MaterialPlastics and steel
Blade changeNot exchangeable
Stainless steelNo
ColorSee Webstore
Food safeNo
Order number00214
Packaging unitGift box 1 piece