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FIrst aid cutter and hammer Martor Secumax Salvex SOS

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All highlights at a glance.

Especially robust

The SECUMAX SALVEX consists of robust plastic and is therefore robust and up for the job. So you can always rely on it for emergencies. And that too, for a long time.

Hammer included

Your first-aid cutter will not even be stopped by safety glass. Use the integrated emergency hammer made of specially hardened steel to smash window and side panes.

4-cutting edge blade

Since the blade has four sharp edges, you can turn and turn it over several times. Thanks to the constantly "fresh" blade, a perfectly functioning cutting tool is available to you in emergency situations.

For right and left handers

There are situations in which every second counts. That's why the SECUMAX SALVEX is always ready for use. The question of whether you are right or left handed does not arise, as it fits into any hand.

Eyelet and holder

Very important: you have your first-aid cutter with you. Also important: you can always find it again quickly. That's why the SECUMAX SALVEX not only has an eyelet for attaching, but also a separate holder for the car.

Order number 538.02
Packaging unit 1 in single unit box
(10 knives in multipack)
Measurements (L x W x H) 187 x 24 x 77 mm
Weight product 140 g
Cutting depth 5.6 mm
Basic material Plastic
Replacement blade
Packaging unit
10 in transparent pack