About us


ILLBY PLAST Ltd is the largest manufactor and seller of Safety Cutters in the nordic countries. The manufacturing of the Cutters begun already in year 1990 and the Cutter has been continually under development since then.

ILLBY PLAST Ltd was founded in 1975, the company is specialized in injection molding of technical products. We are capable of manufacturing plastic products for various applications in the weight range of 0-0.5 kg. Our production includes both own products, and subcontracting. The service include, starting from the manufacture of the molds, to the assembly of the products, installation, welding, and printing on ready products at competitive prices. Please contact us for more information!


ILLBY PLAST Ltd is located in Illola, about 60 kilometers from Helsinki and about 10 kilometers east of the centre of Porvoo, by the Loviisaroad (road number 170).

Contact information

Peter Boije af Gennäs, Managing director

Phone +358 19 656 905
Phone +358 400 999 321
Fax +358 19 656 605

Email: boije@illbyplast.com