Green enviromentfriendly logoprint and eco -thinking

The ILLBY PLAST LTD Azon UV printers produce high quality images (1440 x 1440 dpi) in brilliant colors and details. Azon UV Q L has printable surface 420 x 600mm and can print on wide range of materials and products such as wood and ceramic tiles, PVC, stone, paper bags etc. Surfaces can be either smooth or rough, flat or bend and up to 100mm.

The Azon UV printers are equipped with LED UV lamps which earn acclaims for its UV curing reliability and ozone free configuration. Azon UV white ink creates a very dense image, allowing to print on any colored substrate while gloss ink gives gloss or multi coat effects to the surfaces of printed objects.

We also print logos with tampo machines. Tampoprint is a truly durable method for marking colour images on plastic products. By using the right kind of paint the markings are resistant to abrasion, solvents, detergents, etc.

We use photopolymer cliches (or polymer cliches) in the process of tampoprinting. The polymer cliches are more enviroment friendly to use than the steel cliches because there is no need of acids to manufacture the logo on the cliche. Only pure water will do. Therefore by using polymer cliches by tampoprinting ILLBY PLAST Ltd is taking a small step toards eco -thinking. Eco-friendly activities and products are those that are good for the environment.

Affordable, green and effective plastic injection moulding company

We are capable of planning, drawing and manufacturing plastic products for various applications in the weight range ot 0-0,5 kg. We use as well of normal plastic raw material, also recycled pellets in the manufacturing processes. Our production includes both own products and subcontracting. The service include, strating from manufacture of the moulds, to the assembly of the products, installation, welding and printingon ready products at competetive prices. Please contact us for more information!