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Turvaleikkuri MARTOR Secumax 145

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2 in 1 blade head

The blade head provides two functions: cutting and piercing. Use the knife's noses to the left and right of the blade to effortlessly pierce materials (e.g. card and film), and the blade head’s corners for packing tape.

Concealed blade

With a 4 mm blade access, the blade is highly concealed. Out of reach for fingers but accessible to the materials to be cut. And contents under the cutting surface will also be kept safe from contact with the cutting edge.

Flat and robust design

It is not just the handle that has an extremely flat design – the cutting channel too measures just 1.5 mm, requiring less effort for cutting. The tool also retains its strength – thanks to a 0.5 mm blade and high-quality plastic.

Light and easy

The SECUMAX 145 is so lightweight that users will hardly notice it. This is aided by the comfortably rounded handle at just 4 mm wide, and thumbs will intuitively find their place at the ergonomically designed grooves.

Clever guide surfaces

A tip from us on cutting card: hold the blade at an angle to improve cutting! It is no accident that the guide surfaces are located at the front of the knife – they aid cutting at the most effective angle.

Available printing areas

Room for your ideas: The blue marked surface is the area which you can use for your communication (values in mm).

Article No145001
MaterialGlass fibre reinforced plastic
Blade changeNo
Stainless steelNo
ColorBlack / White
Food safeNO
Order number145001.12
Measurements118 x 4 x 35.4 mm
Weight product12 g
Cutting depth3,8 mm
Basic materialGlass fibre reinforced plastic
Replacement bladeNo
Packaging unit10 in box (loose)
GS-Certificate602578-6075-55094-2016/2 C