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All highlights at a glance.

Certified safety

We always design our cutting tools to the highest standards. So why should our accessories be anything less? Our MARTOR BELT HOLSTERS were therefore tested for harmful substances and stability - and were found to be very good.

Does it fit? Fits perfectly

Our MARTOR BELT HOLSTERS S, M and L are precisely tailored for our cutters - and not just that. Depending on the size of the pocket, it allows you to carry a combination of various tools: cutter/pen cutter/scissors, cutter/cutter, cutter/pen/scissors etc.

Intelligent spacesaver

With the MARTOR BELT HOLSTER you will always discover new storage options. A compartment here, a slot there - all designed so precisely to ensure the contents are kept as firmly as necessary while offering you maximum flexibility.

2 attachment options

The belt holster can be attached to your belt in two ways: by clip-on or velcro fastener. Velcro is recommended for belts; the clip can also be used on many other areas of your clothing, such as your trouser pocket.

Robust material

The BELT HOLSTER is now an integral part of everyday working life. So there is no inconvenience. This is further guaranteed by its durable nylon material, washable at 40°C, which is held together by double seams - even when subject to permanent use.

Order number 9922.08
Packaging unit loose (1)
(10 belt holsters in multipack)
Measurements (L x W x H) 215 x 68 x 40 mm
Weight product 76 g
Basic material Nylon