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Containers for used blades

For the final disposal of your blades. You can fill the USED BLADE CONTAINER with the content of your SAFEBOX. Or directly with your used blades. When the box is full, it can be locked and the next step is to safely and completely dispose of the filled USED BLADE CONTAINER.

Plastic box Soalam

Plastic box to store used blades.
11.22 €
(9,05 € VAT 0%)

SAFEBOX for used blades 10800

Your personal used-blade bank.
5.60 €
(4,52 € VAT 0%)

Used blade container 9810

Blade container for safely dispose of used blades
15.43 €
(12,44 € VAT 0%)

Wall mount bracket 9845

Makes the USED BLADE CONTAINER accessible to all.
19.66 €
(15,85 € VAT 0%)