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Argentax RAPID 594

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Argentax RAPID 594

Ever had problems with a silicon cartridge? The ARGENTAX RAPID provides first class cutting.

Two blades, one goal: silicon.

The ARGENTAX RAPID has found its purpose: silicon cartridges. It has two blades to deal with them. One small pointed one, that you can use to scratch and cut open the plug. And a rectangular one which caps the spout opening like a guillotine according to the thickness you require. Nothing can then come in the way of your actual work, such as renewing joints.

All highlights at a glance.

Two functions

Ever had problems with a silicon cartridge? First of all, with the closed plug? And right after that, the spout opening, that is too narrow? The ARGENTAX RAPID can provide first class cutting in both cases.

For left and right handers

It makes no difference whether you are left or right handed when using the ARGENTAX RAPID. You will always work with the same precision. Any hand can take care of the ARGENTAX RAPID.

Practical eyelet

You won't have to do without it in this special cutting tool: the practical eyelet for attaching. So you can hang up the ARGENTAX RAPID safely, and always find it again.

Safe when you are on the go

The cutter has a protective cap to ensure that personal transporting is safe. It covers the pointed blade. The sharp edges of the second blade are best stored in the handle.

Article No594.03
Size131 x 15.5 x 43.5 mm
Weight42.5 g
Blade changeNo
Stainless steelNo
Food safeNo
Order number594.03
Packaging unit1 in single unit box (10 pcs in multipack)