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Craftblades SLICE 10518, 10519, 10520, 10532, 10536, 10537

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Craftblades in ceramic for precision knives. 4 pcs / package. Please choose the right one on the right .

Slice® knows that precision applications require different craft blades for different purposes. That’s why we offer several different shapes and styles. Our precision cutters with replaceable blades all ship with the 10518: a straight-edge blade with a rounded tip to protect against puncture wounds. The 10519 model has the same straight edge, but with a pointed tip for applications that require such a tip to initiate the cut. For a curved edge and rounded tip, we make the 10520.

We also offer chisel blades, including the 10534 blade, which widens from the housing to an 8.2-millimeter (0.32 inch) scraping edge. Our seam ripper blades are designed with a concave shape, ideal for hooking and cutting thread. Again, we have two options: the 10536 rounded-tip blade and the 10537 pointed-tip blade.

Thus far, the listed blades are one sided, meaning the cutting edge is on one end of the blade only. We also make corner-stripping blades, 10532, with a double edge that comes to a point, similar to a miniature sword. And the 10535 narrow chisel blades are double-sided, so when one edge wears out, you can flip the blade over for a fresh edge.

Regardless of shape, all our blades combine exceptional strength with a safer finger-friendly® edge.

Article No15018, 15019, 15020, 15032, 15036,15037
Weight5,5 - 8 g
Materialzirconium oxide
Stainless steelNo
Food safeNo
Order number15018, 15019, 15020, 15032, 15036,15037
Packaging unit4 pcs