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New! SLICE Cartoon Opener 10477

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Super-Safe™ Carton Opener 10477

Slice 10477 - Super-Safe Cartoon Opener

The Slice® Super-Safe™ Carton Opener has a unique design that keeps you as safe as possible while you cut. Its circular ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your palm, and the finger-friendly® blade is only exposed when you press a textured button and push the tool into the cutting surface. As soon as contact is lost (or you release the button), the blade guard redeploys - so it’s almost impossible to accidentally touch the blade. This innovative tool is suitable for left- and right-handed users and works on many different cutting materials. Slice remains the first choice for safety and effectiveness in industrial settings and is now recognized as the leading safety cutter in homes. From its daily use in industrial warehouses to opening online orders at your doorstep, the Super-Safe™ Carton Opener makes people and places safer.

SLICE 10477 (3).png (610 KB)

  • Finger-friendly® blade is the only safety blade on the market
  • Circular ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your palm
  • Blade only exposed when you press textured button and push tool into cutting surface
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed uses
  • Slice® blades last 11.2x longer than traditional blades

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Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes
  • Cutting tape
  • DIY projects
  • Using while wearing with gloves
Article No10477
Size90 x 90 x 25 mm
Weight82 g
Materialzirconium oxide
Blade changeYes
Stainless steelNo
ColorBlack / orange
Food safeNo
Order number10477
Cutting depth12 mm
Packaging unit1 / 6 pcs